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Charbonnel: Payne's Grey
Lightfastness: Completely lightfast, even when lightened. ★★★
Opacity: Transparent / Opaque ◪
Pigments: PB29-PBK9
Characteristics: Payne's Grey has a hint of black.
Earth Tones: These pigments have a synthetic or natural oxide or iron base. The natural oxides are natural earth pigments, washed and decanted. These are dull earth pigments, in contrast with the azo pigments. They all darker mixes and a good range of browns and greys. They are semi-opaque pigments. Their drying times are quite short and have an improved grain size. In the Charbonnel color range, only Raw Sepia has a natural iron oxide base. The synthetic oxides possess the characteristics of the natural oxides without their defects. They are more lively, less grainy and dry more rapidly. They are also semi-opaque.
Drying: The average drying time for Charbonnel earth tones is approximately 5 days.

Produktcode 0848920261
Marke Lefranc & Bourgeois
EAN 3013643015611
Inhalt 60ML
Serie 1
Farben Grau

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